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An Apology

Henry Rollins: Fuck Suicide

First in a 3 part series in which Henry Rollins expresses his feeling about the death of Robin Williams to the dismay of his worthy constituents.

Ian Mackye & Glen Friedman Talk Classic Photos

Ian MacKaye (Evens, Fugazi, Minor Threat, Embrace) needs no introduction, fewer may know of Glen E. Friendman (Fuck You Heroes, My Rules) who was behind the camera (video and photo) for a number of punk and hip hop’s most defining images.  Here, Ian and Glen discuss photo, skateboarding and the essence of punk. 

"….alone I keep the wolves at bay…"

Happy birthday, Joe.  We miss you.

I hope that, when we are done with this, we can say that we played good music, we had a good time, but also, we did something that was an act of service to people, to our fans, or the kids who come to the shows.

Jesse Michaels of Operation Ivy

We Destroy the Family: Punks vs Parents Part 1.  This is a 1982 news report on punk culture by an alarmist, reactionary news team.